Today during english lesson teacher call us write about 3 topics…
I chose the topic on the person I respect the most!
I shall show it off to you all!!! I aced it!!!
  The person whom I have the greatest respect for is my mother. She went through many obstacle in life just to raise my brother and I. She is not only very capable but also a single-parent.
  My mother left my father when I was 12 years-old. Her job wasn’t stable and my brother and I were very naughty, we were not willing to study and without a fierce father, it was like freedom to us. Many times my mother wanted to bring us back to our father, but still she never gave up.
  Soon my brother and I learnt that it wasn’t easy to be a single-parent and we wouldn’t want to go back to the tormenting life under my father. We realised that what we have now is because of all the effort my mother put in. She established her own company which was a printing company. My teachers in school knew my mother was a single parent. They kept telling me, my mother is very capable. That is when I started to realise that if I kept playing and did not bother about my studies it will put more pressure to my mother.
  After some time, my mother’s company did not go well and it was closed down. But she was quick and experienced, soon she set up another company under my brother’s, my mother’s and my name, DMI Productions. I really admire the way she did things and how capable she is. Although sometimes she scolds me, I never disrespect her.
  I knew my mother was the best and I am really lucky to have her as my mother. I started to do well in my studies until today, because I know that no matter what I must make my mother happy as she gave her best just to let us live a good life. I knew I cannot disappoint her. My brother and I are doing our best in our studies while my mother is doing her best at work.
  My mother always tells me that ‘Life is always full of ups and downs. No matter what happens we must get back on our feet everytime we fall.’ I always respect my mother because I know that without her, my brother and I wouldn’t be what we are today, we will still be stuck with our father if my mother had not brough us out of the family and decide to raise ur up by herself.
Done by:
Marina Teo
Sec 4/4