the first time i came home so late..
i reached home at 1.45am…
stinky, sweaty and really tired..
but then again…
It’s over!! It’s over!! It’s over!!
I’m glad it’s over now and not later..
it’s kinda a sooner or later thing..
I’ve been thinking a lot..
suddenly..the pass 13hours of my life opened infront of my face..
i thought of many many things..
and i realized that…things come and go..i tot u will come and never go..
but u did leave…n i’m alrite with it..
i tried…u tried…we tried..and it didn’t go as well as we expected..
(Flames to dust, Lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end?) least the ending was good..
when all these wounds on my knuckles heal and the scars fade away, you will be gone.
i went to take a shower…i scrub myself..i made sure i came out of the toilet fresh, a new person.
although it kinda hurts..but i knw tat it will end someday..
everyday i sit on this chair..facing this computer…typing and always come across my mind..
when will it end? soon? later? now? when?..
and i din face my computer..i din type..i din sit on this chair…tat thought din even cross my mind..
and yet it happened..i din expect it..but it did..after all those salty tears..
after all those heart breaking moments..i actually might be for a good cause…
i realize..these tears..will never ever stop becos it always flows..
i realize..this heart of mine is hurt..but still can can go on..
those memories u leave..will always be there…
but..i will only leave behind those sweet memories..
i’ve learnt..
if this is wad u really want..if this is wad u think is best..i will respect ur least it ended well..
i really wanna forget this time..
i dun wanna joke abt it becos all these time..i’ve been joking to myself..
living in a lie..
we are still worries

it only feels lik i lost a really close person..but then again…yup..
u knw wad i mean..
hehe..the feeling might not be there..but i still care one hor…