it’s like a boring day today
i rather stay home and watch youtube all day long..
or mayb stay home and play the palystation2 la
totally a waste of time..
now i’m having a bad stomach ache..mayb because of wad i ate in the pa sa ma lam..
i have no idea how to spell it but ya i spelt it
correct me if i’m wrong..
anyway…i feel tat having a good fren is always good..
someone whom u can tell most of ur secrets to..
and is lik there for u la..
i realized it long ago and ya…i think i have a good fren..
yup..a really good fren..she doesn’t read my blog..
so if u r reading my blog means u ain’t her..hehehe
i think u all can guess who she is la..
haha…my good buddy..
it’s always good to have a good fren..
it is!
find ur good fren soon!!!!