if u wanna hate me go ahead
i have no energy to carry on bothering abt u
i befriended u..n i din care wad they said abt u looks like this time i was wrong
i’m tired of u..of everything..
u r not the only one please
if that’s wad u think of me..jus go ahead la..
i knw who r my frens
do u have one true fren whom u can trust fully?
whom you never quarrel with?
whom you never called a bitch or a slut or all ur hokkien vulgarities?
whom is always there for you?
someone who treats u like a real fren?
someone who go to the other end of singapore just to comfort you?
do you? seriously ask yourself do u?
i really meant it if u need me to go to ur house to comfort u to accompany u..u nv called me to accompany u..i took it as u were alrite
now u take all my kind acts and turn it all to wad u clam a bitch act..
if being nice is being bitchy please tell me..so tat i wun be this nice anymore..
i have a true fren i bet u knw who she is..
she would go all the way to the other side of singapore just to comfort me, she would listen to me and we never ever told anyone else our secrets..
she is always there as a really good fren..infact the best fren i ever had!
i wanted to treat u as good..but u turned them all around..if this is wad u think…jus go ahead..
hate ME!
despise ME!
detest ME!
call ME a bitch a slut and all your hokkien vulgarities!
i’ve gone through this before but this time..i’m really tired..
ppl will hear u..but they wun listen to u..
i took ur other entry as an apology and forgave u..but in the end u weren’t sorry..
u were infact mad!
i dunno wad’s wrong with u..or maybe me??
if scolding u makes u feel better..then go ahead la..
I’m NOT angry, frustrated, agitated or saddened by what u said..
I’m just DISAPPOINTED tat i have a fren whom i tot DID change over the years..or maybe not a fren anymore..aiya up to u la..
fren or no fren..this ain’t primary sch shit no more