i’ve been so stressed up with all the F&N stuff and all..
now..it’s sort of over..i feel relief
the chinese oral exam is also over…
which is much much better relief to me
jus came home from piano lessons..
oh ya..did i mention..
i got a MERIT for GRADE 5 theory exams
today..mr. er was so angry with the class..
our class la! hiyo!
make all the teachers angry..
every teacher that teach our class always get angry..
do homework oso get scolded..
dun do homework oso get scolded..
hahaha..used to it alr lor..
then some guys in the class..after get scolded..
still not guilty..still can joke around..
KNOCK some sense into their head men!
i think hor..a lot of teachers teach our class will get high blood pressure la..
Mr.Er bellow ferociously!
chim eh…hehe
5/2 ah 5/2 (inculding me)
5/2 ah 5/2….