it doesn’t pay to be concern
all ppl get is ur attitude when u aren’t happy or smth
there were so many ppl that cared so much
who wasn’t even able to sleep properly
only when we found out u r alrite
then we all had a good night sleep..
u may not want us to be concern or even care
cos u think it’s ur own life afterall
but we do matter how much differences there were
we left it aside and we were all so worried and concerned
once the news of u being safe was passed
everyone was relieved and able to sleep properly the following night
i don’t know if caring is a wrong thing
at least saying u are fine would be enough
u dun really have to appreciate it or even feel touched or smth
it is better then showing that u r unhappy or wadever bad mood u r in
u dunno how it feels lik to keep on having wild thoughts of wad happened..
wad happened? why? what if….
i dun expect u to do the same thing when smth lik tat ever happens to me
i feel that..u r tired..u r unhappy…u r really exhausted..
but no matter how u feel..u shouldn’t give us that kind of attitude
cause we all cared A LOT.