yes you!!!
you you you!!
I hate you…you stupid irritating piece of crap..
hate you to the core..
but..i hate u so much..i still need you..
cos without you i might be a goner
so i need you..
but i hate you a lot..
n yet i still need you..
i love you so much before..but now i really hate you
i hate F&N la…
not you!
i wun hate a human being..mayb jus dislike..hahaha
i hate F&N..last time i used to love it a lot becos i tot it is easy..
my butt lor…nth is easy in this world..
i’m stressed over F&N..
i’m numb to the feeling i’m gonna face tml..
that 2 hours of pain n torturing in the computer lap..
the fate of my ‘o’ lvls depending on a keyboard, a PC, a monitor
the words that appear is the fate of my F&N ‘o’ lvl..