Well…ytd was my school’s first speech day..
n it was the first time i got a prize..
although the prize wasn’t impressive..but it boost my confidence
i’ve been waiting to get that prize for YEARS!!!
i got the prize for fnn n i’m determined to come back next year for that prize..
hahaha..proud ya..hehe..
well…as long as i try my best n do my best..prize or not it doesn’t really matter..
i’m happy to get the prize..
n many teachers congratulated me..which made me really happy..
so sad mrs ng was not there..
i really need to thank her for having so much confidence in me..
making me hav confidence in myself so that i can finally achieve that prize that i have been longing for..
n now…guess what i am doing..
F&N!!! gosh
oh ya..a few entries ago..i said i hate F&N..
i really do..i hate F&N a lot..so the more i hate it means the more i should do it
tml have F&N conclusion to do..
chem test bio test..
which is totally driving me crazy!!!