Just now..I was copying all my chinese composition into a new book..
because my chinese teacher said the air-con in the staff room was leaking and mine got the worse..
all the ink smudged..
she said i don’t have to copy them into another book..
but i did it..because..this year was the first time i did so well for my chinese..
it is one of my achievements and i don’t want it to go to waste just because all the ink smudged..
so i re-write every composition..
the last compositiong was a free-writing composition..and i chose a title ‘My Chinese Teacher’
i chose this title not because i wanted to get higher marks..but i chose this title because my chinese teacher is one of the best teachers ever!!
and so..i wanted to say that..a teacher don’t have to be the best in teaching you so that you can get very high marks..
a teacher needs to have confidence in you to make yourself feel confident of yourself..
and i feel that my chinese teacher is one of the best..
i remember when i entered the school back then was ‘Ghim Moh secondary’
my chinese was one of the worse subject..i couldn’t even speak chinese properly..
and i remembered the first question my chinese teacher asked me (who is still my chinese teacher now)
she asked me if i was local or foreigner..well
wanna guess something? my chinese was so bad that i said i was a foreigner..
thinking back at it…i wanna laugh at myself…hahaha..
i didn’t even know how to differentiate..
but now i do!
so my chinese was practically..totally bad..
but..when she taught me..i felt that chinese might not be as difficult as i thought
and therefore..my chinese started to improve..
n then i cannot imagine how weird the teacher might have thought when i said i was a foreigner..hahahaha
i remembered after i said i was a foreigner..she asked me which country i was from..
which made me totally puzzled..haha..n i didn’t know how to answer that question..haha
but now i can speak chinese sooo much better then before..
although writing chinese can be quite difficult for me as i need a dictionary by my side all the time..
but..at least my chinese improved..
so..i wanna thank this teacher so much..