I’ve been running away…
trying so hard to convince myself that i am like this not like that..
but..maybe i am..
i’ve been running away so much that now i’m back in square one..
the place i started..the place where everything was meant to be perfect..
the place where i thought that i am who/what i am..
but since i’m back at this starting point..
before the ‘BANG!’ goes off and i start to run again..
i’ve stopped convincing myself..
i know..
i am who i am..
i am what i am..
and if i convince myself further..i might be lost..
therefore, i’ve given up convincing
i’m sick and tired of failing time after time..
i know that some ppl may not like me..
some ppl may like me..
i’m not going to play this round about game with myself anymore..
~That’s first~
i am still upset abt the chinese results..
i’ve been trying to run away from it over the pass few days..but i knw it doesn’t help..
so i’ve decided..running is not the solution..
there are many things that ppl dunno abt me..
they want me to tell them..
but if i tell you..
will you run away?
question urself..
i’ve tried so hard to be kind n nice to some ppl..
but it doesn’t pay to be kind to some ppl..
cos in the end they just give u attitude and then blame u for everything
in our circle of friends..
there are less then a handful of ppl whom we can trust..
and those that u trust the most..
are actually those that betrays u in the end..
so i’ve learnt..
i’m not perfect..
i cannot say that i nv betrayed anyone be4..
i cannot say that i’m a trustable person..
i cannot say that i’m the best friend u will ever have
so therefore..if u r my friend..
n u r reading this..n u think that i’m someone like that..
then go ahead…cos..i really dun care..
but i’m really tired of it sometimes..
one moment they treat u lik a good friend..a buddy..
the next moment..they dun even talk to u or speak to u..
n u will nv be able to find out why..
PS: I’m not in a bad mood…dun take this as an offence..is jus that..i feel sad n upset inside..so i express it out here..if u dun agree with me..than dun agree..if u agree than agree