I think we r all free to love anyone we want
free to decide who u wanna love and who u wanna hate..
even if there r many objections..we r still free to love whoever we want..
this is the freedom to love..
it may be friend-friend love
or couple love..
whatever it is..love is all around..
we r not able to stop ourselves from loving someone..
we r not able to stop ourselves from falling in love..
and love makes people blind sometimes..
so blind that we r not able to tell what is going on even if it is right infront of us..
so blind that we do many things..
sometimes so blind till we dun even knw what is REALLY going on..
therefore…love is blind..literally blind…
the bystander always sees thing through their eyes..
they are able to tell what is GOING ON..
but those in love are too blinded by love to see the obvious..
however, bystanders will always have no say..
all they can do is jus watch..when they say something wrong..
they get it..therefore..bystanders watch their friends..n they suffer in silence..
in a dilemma whether to tell or not to tell..
n then..they dun tell..
like what i mention earlier..
we r free to love whoever/whatever we want..
so..spread the love…