I’ve never been more disappointed before..
yes..i understand..certain things u have to solve it..
but come on..
will u forsake ur dreams for love?
will u forsake ur studies for love?
i dunno wad is going on..
but if u dun wanna tell me..it’s ok..
i’m fine with it..
but..through my own eyes..
i see what is going on..
i cannot believe what u actually did today..
whether it is on purpose or not..
u had a choice..but u made the wrong choice
this time i totally dun support ur choice..
u were given 2 choices..but sadly..u took the wrong one..
i’ve never felt so disappoint in u be4..
u r the one who always made me think that mayb things do happen for some reasons..
u were the one who always say this and do this..
u dun say one thing n do another..
u never ever forget something important..
but..wad u did today..
i am disappointed..although it spoilt my mood..
i still cannot bring myself into believing what u did..
IT IS forgivable..but i am really disappointed..
for the first time u made the wrong choice..
love isn’t everything..
but it is powerful..powerful enough to cover the things u were meant to see..
so powerful to mesmerize u..
n i thought u would never..
but u did..n for that..i am disappointed
love is blinding..but if u r able to see through the covers..u might know that love is NOT EVERYTHING..
i dun wish u do this again..
i hope that u will wake up..
jus wake up..
i dun wanna see the downfall of u..
cos u r a good buddy and a close and true friend..
i know u will wake up..n u wun need me to help u do that..
therefore..do wake up before things get out of hand..