this time is the ‘O’ lvl prelims..
which is sucking me dry..
energy all gone alr..
studying like crazy..
n’s kinda sad n happy thing..
a so called ‘friend’ of mine going for NS..
no need take ‘O’ lvls la..
so good!
after NS then go other country study already..
isn’t that WONDERFUL..
well..sad to see him leave the school and no more badminton games with him..
but people come n go all the time..
so i sort of am used to it..
happy that he can go overseas to study after his NS without the ‘O’ lvls..
but of course with the SAT..
i wanna take the SAT too..
but..ya..there is always a big BUT
and so ya..
therefore..i’m going to poly or jc..i dunno..
then go overseas…
haha..lucky him..
NS 2 years..go overseas..
other guys..JC-2 years or Poly-3years
NS another 2 years..then overseas..
haha..he can graduate early and then come out and work for his parents!
ok..i’m gonna go OFF now..