Why do some guys think that they are superior to girls in every way?
Why do some guys think that girls are not capable of doing what they do?
Why some guys are just so immature?
Why some guys are always the ones that people ‘adore’?

I know, girls..including me..we like to look at guys…we even fall for them!
have CRAZY crushes over many guys
guys that have nice bodies and look really handsome and really cute..
guys that are romantic, nice and sentimental
but some guys..they think that they are FOREVER better then girls..
girls are simply inferior to them..
and some girls actually think that guys are REALLY superior to us!
I am feminist..
and I am PROUD of that!!
I know guys produce sperms so that girls get pregnant and then the whole life cycle carries on..
BUT (big but), wait a minute..why can’t the theory be..
Girls have ovaries, when ovary fuses with ONE sperm..forming a zygote..the life cycle continue..
why must it be like as if the GUYS are the most important in the continual of the life cycle?
the ovaries are part of the continual of the life cycle too!

there are actually a lot of girls that are successful too!
there are actually a lot of girls that are smarter then guys..
there are MANY girls that are way better then guys..
I mean I am not against ALL guys..
just some..
but I do think that girls and guys are the same..
we are afterall human beings..
we are capable of doing anything..
everyone can do anything…
Therefore, guys or girls…we’re all the same