As the exams are just around the corner, my stress level has probably gone over the limits. This exam is like my life in’s the O levels. it is like the thing that almost every student in singapore has to go through..n once again..i’m just like another generation going through the pain and suffering of exams..cause it is the O levels!!!! last year it was the N levels this year is the O levels..which totally is draining my brain and my health. The intense study and the intense stress i’m under..n oh yes..after 2weeks +++ u wouldn’t see me typing abt me being stress and i’m just taking a break from chemistry and i got maths tuition later…i’m having cough and flu..i’m not suppose to fall sick when exams are just around..but i guess my body couldn’t take all the stress i’ve given prelim results are not to my expectations..which entitles me to MORE stress for the actual O think i’ve probably gone out of my mind already..maybe you’ll get a chance to see the normal Marina after 2-3weeks…hang in there while i go full steam’s like catch me if you can..well catch my cold if u can..haha..i’m sad cause i’m the only one that is sick..but i’m glad my other friends ain’t they can concentrate better..anyway..enough of my crap..i’m gonna go study now..
Marina..Signing off