got done with the history paper today..
yup 10 more to go..
this counting down thing is kinda fun..haha
n so i was thinking..
i thought abt many things since last nite..
mostly history though..haha
but before i went to sleep..
i was thinking…
over all these years..
after all these times…
how did i live through it so quickly..
10 days ago i was saying…8 more days till our ‘o’ levels until all my friends were irritated..
n now it has already started for quite some time..
the beginning of this year..i was saying…’o’ levels are like in YEARSSSS…haha..
n look..i am taking my ‘o’ levels now..
when i entered ghim moh secondary..
it was like a new life…n now..secondary school life is actually coming to an end..
i’m happy that the ‘o’ levels are gonna be over soon
but sad cos i’ll never get to enjoy my secondary school life again..
all those stupid childish arguements..
all the jealousy..
all those lame jokes we crack..
how my friends laugh at my priceless reactions
how we became friends from simply strangers..
how close we got over the years..n how much we learned..
we got through the most important part of life together..
last year when i was taking my ‘N’ levels…
i was like..i’m gonna miss ghim moh!!!!
n now…i’m gonna miss 5/2!!!!
the class filled with laughter..
the class filled with joy..
the class that u can never get bored in..
the class that drives the teachers crazy
the class filled with hyperactive people…
the guys are hilarious..
those rumours we spread..
some harmful words we’ve said
all those attitude problems we have sometimes..
the class that discuss maths problems together..
the class that gossips abt teachers..
the class that makes fun of the chinese teacher..
the class that play games TOGETHER
those class outtings we have
a great mixture of guys and girls..
i love the class…
i love my friends..
i love being in secondary school
i love the secondary school life
but…soon..i’ll graduate..
we’ll graduate…we will move on and pursue our own dreams..
n build our own future using our bare hands..
we might never see each other again..
or when we see each other..we can’t recognise each other..
maybe i’ll see some of u appearing on the newspaper..
maybe i’ll see some of u on tv..
or mayb i’ll see some of u in orchard road with ur own family
or mayb some of u together..haha..
or maybe some of u might have forgotten abt me
but hey…if u ever see me anywhere..
do say ‘Hi!’
i’ll do the same to u too..
sigh..i’m so gonna miss everyone…