well..got done with chinese today..
left with 4 papers..
4 more exams days..
6 more days..
well..it’s actually passed 12am alr..
so more like 5 more days..
later in the afternoon is the F&N paper..
sometimes i wonder if i’ve done anything wrong..or didn’t do enough..
maybe i should have done something..
sometimes i don’t know if i can tell you the facts..
or maybe to save u the face..i shan’t say at all…
but i’m confused..
i wonder what goes in that head of urs..
what exactly r u thinking abt..i want to know..
cos then i’ll know whether i should do smth or not..
arguing..pushing blames..ya..i knw we all do that..
but we don’t do it allll the time..
when things happen…it already has happened..
nothing u can do..or ANYONE can do to change it..
but what u can do is to find your way out of it..
don’t come n trash me for what i say..
it’s true…we do have to learn..
no point crying over spilt milk..
i don’t wanna please u all the time..cos i’m not lik others..
i see no point in trying to make u happy when it doesn’t work..
i rather sit in my room..chat..or for the first time prefer to study..
there is no point trying to convince u into doing smth either..
cos u want everything to work YOUR way…
but hey…guess wad…everybody can do as u say..can do what u want them to do..
but not me..i’m not gonna go all around pleasing u..
in fact..i would roll my eyes n walk away..
i don’t know i should do smth..or not do anything at all..
but this can’t go on..
i’m sure ppl have their limits..
to me..i don’t wanna please someone all the time…i’m not that person..
mayb once twice…or a couple of times…but hey..all the time?
not me!