i’m glad we’re left with 2 more papers…
2 more!!!
ok…monday..social studies..
another write-till-u-go crazy paper..
n tuesday MCQ..
after that..we gonna play and have fun!!!!!!
cant wait!
yaya..can’t wait…
i think that everyone is different..
if u can find someone exactly the same as you..physically, mentally…everything..
that would be kinda weird..
even if u have a twin…the other twin will still differ from u..
well..since we r all different..
n everyone has their good and bad..
but even if u r smarter..better-looking…or superior to another in a different way
u don’t have to say it out…
u don’t have to try to brain wash that person..
jus let it be..
no point telling ppl how perfect u r on the outside..
when on the inside…u r worse than worse
no point comparing when u know it’s meaningless..
i feel that no one..NO ONE is perfect..
if u think u r perfect…
i got nothing to say..
becos by feeling and thinking that u r perfect is a flaw itself already..