do u remember those stars u fold for me?
maybe u’re not reading this at all
oh well…
i’ll jus type..
so i was searching for something in my room..
n i found one star that i didn’t put in the bottle.. harm
it was the 27th star..
it was written in pencil..
n that pencil u use to suppose to be ‘my pencil’
n i was u still have THAT particular pencil?
or have u lost it? or thrown it away?
so…n the end was 6 words…6 characters..
6 characters that reminded me of how much it as..
that made me looked back..
sad it’s gone forever..
but…it has been gone for quite sometime
i can’t change history..
but when i look back at it..
i smile…to know that..we were once soooo happy..