it’s not late..
it’s actually kinda early though..
i had a simple chat..
not the usual ones..
glad it didn’t end up in some..i dunno..
so..apparently..i started watching gossip girl…it is nice..yall should watch..
anyway..that’s not what i’m blogging abt
so…when one door closes, others open up..
sometimes..we think that we’ll never forget certain things that occur..or mayb a certain person..
n sometimes..we feel trapped inside..lik as if there is no way to get out…lik as if u’re hyperventilating
but give it some time..
when that door shuts..others dun open immediately..
it does happen right after the moment the door shuts u know..
it takes time..
i never believed in time..
i never believed that time would heal everything…cos it’s impossible to heal everything
i never in my greatest mind believed that..when one door shuts, many others open up
once..everyone said to me..’don’t worry, time will heal everything’
at that me..if u were me..u wouldn’t even believe that time heals anything
but when u start to get busy..start to forget…start to learn..
as u recover..u start to learn
u start to actually SEE the doors that had opened up
u start to realize the people around u..
u start to pick up..n u start to go forward..
what ever happened stays there…as a memory..
cos..u can never fully forget..but if u’re a 2 year-old kid..maybe jus maybe u’ll fully forget..
i’ve learned..i’ve grown..
n i’m facing reality as it is..
once it’s over…means it’s over..looking back on it doesn’t hurt once in awhile..
facing reality is just…the greatest thing that has happened to me..
i don’t know about u..
but hey..keep up the faith and hope