I’ve been missing for quite some time..
n i know..it was hell right???
hahaha..i bet u all miss me 🙂
so i’m gonna blog by the day by day basis thing
Day 1 11/12/07:
it was wasted…we arrived in korea late in the afternoon..
n it was the worse…one of the luggage landed on my foot…
causing me soooooo much pain and anger…
after that we went to board the bus…n than we went to the hotel..
haha..it’s funny..on day 1 i did something crazy..
me n yisin went to our hotel neighbour…from our tour..n we made friends..
it’s funny…it’s weird..but i’m glad we made friends with her and soon her sister..
Day 2 12/12/07:
we went to the da chang jing fliming site and took lots of pictures which i will post later on..
n well..i never watched da chang jing…but what the hack…it was fun
we were high and we did lots of crazy stuff..
it was cold n we were freezing..i think my fingers nearly dropped off..hahahaha
n then we went to nami island…n again we took lots of pituces there
nami island is the place where they film the korean drama series ‘Winter Sonata’ with the dude..bae yong jun
it was fun and all..but i never watched that show..haha..
after that we took the bus to the ski resort…it was like 2 1/2 hours ride…boring like crazy…
soon we arrived there and it was cold…it was late..
the place was beautiful..we took some pictures…n we slept on the floor..
which was actually comfortable…sleeping on the floor is comfortable…hahahaha
Day 3 13/12/07:
we went skiing!!!! but first we went for the gondola ride (cable car)
n we went up to the mountain..which was freeeeeezing cold….it was really really really cold there…
the wind was soooooo strong..but still we had fun…we had a snow ball fight..
n yisin’s crazy idea to roll down the slope…hahaha…crazy but fun..
n then we went skiing…which was the best part of the entire tour…
my bro n i we learned to ski before…so we actually know..but it was tiring to ‘walk’ all the way up the slope for that few seconds of fun..but it was worth it..
that totally made us really really tired…
so we skiied for a few hours..n we were worned out..the funniest part of the day was when my mum, my bro, yisin and me..trying to ask the korean person for gastric pills..
we acted out like some drama..it was really really really funny…the korean lady looked at us..don’t know whether to laugh or cry…hahaha
but it was a nice try..cause after 10mins of stupidity..we got the right medication
Day 4 14/12/07:
ok we went to some ceramic blah blah thing..which is a total waste of time..of precious sleeping time…it was stupid…
then we went to the korean folk village….it was nice…there were ppl fliming some show..
n we saw horses and blah blah…ya know…something like going to china and stuff like that..
let’s skip to the part where we went to everland..it’s actually a theme park..at first we all thought it’s aberland..haha
n then we found out it’s everland..so we sat all those thrilling rides and stuff like that..
it was fun…and so after that we went to the hotel…
n it snowed that night..14 december…a sepcial day…but not that special anymore though
oh well it snowed…on 14 december..
Day 5 15/12/07:
shopping in the morning…n we went for some kimchi making lesson thing…and more shopping..it was lame…
and that day was the day we named our gang ‘oops’ i think..was it?
hahaha i forgot when but it should be around there…
why did we name it oops..well it went like this..
i don’t know how the 2 sisters got influenced by the ‘dude’ thing
n then it started..
so i’m dude..
yisin is poop
julia is noob
and cally is boob
so it was like that..haha
Day 6 16/12/07:
we went to the ginseng show room…blah blah..the place where adults use a lot of money..n then we went to the palace..which is something lik china lor…hahaha…in china u see lots of those…n we went to some casino…the place again..where adults use a lot of money…but it is either they win it back..or too bad..it’s gone..after that we went to lotte world.
it was quite fun at lotte world..bought some stuff..and went on some rides…oh well
that’s about it…
Day 7 17/12/07:
we went shopping and looked at crystals..and stuff like that…
n sooon we were on the airplane on our way back to singapore
we didn’t exactly sleep on the airplane
we didn’t exactly watch movies either..
the OOPS gathered outside the toilet and talked…
for hours…haha…so it was quite fun on the airplane la…haha
n soon we arrived in singapore
n we went our serperate ways…
so that is the end of the korea trip…i ate too much kimchi
so i’m having this sore throat which is kinda bad…