okay..my exams are over and done with for now..
and i’m soooo happy about it..
finally done with the last 2 economics paper today..
and i slept for like 3hours last night…hahaha…
and so my mom came back from LA last night…so i had to stay up late too..cause she arrived early in the morning..hahaha..
late in the night..whatever..
she came back with lots and lots of stuff…
so we were all so excited to check out the things she bought..
that’s why we slept at 4am..
apparently my mom had jet lag..so…i was up and perky by 7.30am..
thanks to her walking around the house..hahahaha..
and i’ve just finished packing my room..
i don’t know why..but i’m not sleepy yet..
i should be very tired now..
oh well…my mom brought back many books..
i guess…to kill boredom i should read some books..
they are very interesting ya know..
it kinda feels like friday today…but it’s not..
hmmm..anyway…i’m soooo freeee..
i have like an ENTIRE month OFF =)
best thing and worse thing to happen..haha…
ok..i should get reading…