honestly…i don’t really like it if someone tries to interfere into someone else’s life..
especially if you don’t even know how everything started…
all these things happened a long time ago..
even if you don’t like how i work things out..
even if you don’t like the way i handle the situation..
i feel that..you have no right to expect me to act the way you want me to..
it happened like SO long ago…
and only NOW…you know..
it’s too late…because what is done is done…
once i say NO means NO..
can’t you understand it??
do i have to be all cautious on what i say, what i do, what i write????
n PLEASE….don’t mention IT ever again..
i don’t like to talk about it…because..every time we have to talk about it…
it’s like as if…i have to force myself to do something i don’t like..
and the best part is…you don’t even know the situation properly..
a good day will turn very very sour if you even start with it!