Changes occur all the time…
as we grow we mature…as we realize the true meaning of life..
our perspectives changes..
our mindset changes..
our planned future changes..
everything just change as life goes on..
for me…i don’t really know..if..i’ve changed much..
of course..i’ve taken notice of the wake-up call to start being healthy..
that’s a change..
it was like ‘Marina. I think it’s time you do something’
and then…my circle of friends changed..
from secondary college..all different people now..
the way i planned my future changes..
i start to realized what i really want…what i really like to do..
start to have a proper, realistic aim in life…
i start to work towards my goals…
but..all these…are just the basics..have u asked yourself..
‘I lived 17+ years of my life, over the passed few years, have I really changed, as a person, have I?’
well…i’m not sure about myself..but i asked myself that question recently..
and…i’m still..the childish me…i love to play…i love to joke…my personality is..wad i suppose…’FUN’
but…i ask myself…am i still the same old person i used to be a few years back?
have i made any improvements?
i feel that..i’m still many ways..
why is it so difficult for me to let go of something?
why am i still so stubborn?
it is clear…everything is like transparent…just..let it off..let it go..
say byebye..
no chance…hello…can u see???
don’t go on like this…cause..u are the one that gets it…
it’s u…not anyone else….it’s call inflicting it on yourself..indirectly..
ya it’s suicidal!!!!..indirectly suicidal..
gosh…i’m supposed to be talking about changes…
and..i dunno wad i’m saying already…