Exercising is so important in everyone’s life…
and now it’s become part of my daily routine
i dunno whether it’s part of yours..
but exercising has become a part of me..
not because i’m doing it to lose weight..
but…i like the feeling..
when i step into the gym..
n do my stretches before i go on the treadmill..
the feeling of blood rushing throughout my body when i start running..
the feeling of my heart pumping faster and faster..
and soon..sweat starts to trickle down..
every step i take is according to the rhythm of the music my MP3 player is playing..
i like the way my foot steps follow the beat of the music
i like to have the feeling of being fresh after a run..
after the run..i do my workouts..
during the workouts…the feeling of my muscles..pulling..
slowly when the lactic acid builds up..
that feeling is satisfying..
don’t call me crazy..
but exercising give me a chance to release all the tension built up in my body
it gives me satisfaction..
of cos..once in awhile..i might be too lazy to go all the way down to the gym..although is less than a 5mins walk
but once i step into the gym…i love the feeling of just being able to workout..
and..u soon realise..that..day by day..
you r getting stronger..
doing more..going faster…going that extra mile..
exercising provides u with a type of satisfaction..
just like eating…a type of satisfaction after you eat something u crave for..
it’s amazing…and…it’s true..try it out…
u’ll get addicted to running/jogging…