Why Seventeen?
why not any other number?
well…it’s certainly not because i’m still 17..
and NOT my lucky number…my lucky number is 9 mind you…
17 is a special number to me…
and well…duh..only i know why..
i’m gonna share with you all why 17…but i won’t reveal the exact reason
17 is a number that is a certain cue for my memory and something really special..
it’s a number that has a certain significance..
with this number…
there will always be this certain part of my life..i won’t be able to forget so easily
cos..this number..plays quite an important role in my life..
this number has followed me through one of my toughest moment in my life..
and this number also represents a scar…inside of me..
so that i’ll never forget..
at that very moment…when my decision meant EVERYTHING..
but…i misused that opportunity…
causing misery upon myself..
of cos 17 holds both good and bad memories..
and this number will remind me of how important it is to make your decisions clear..
or you’ll end up losing something so important to you..
17 is also like an angel of mercy..
it taught me how to live up to my fears
Angel of mercy, how did you find me? How did you pick me up again?
Angel of mercy, how did you move me? Why am I on my feet again?
that’s my number….right beside my name..
it’s a number…with great significance…
there’s more to it……………