I just came back from Rihanna’s concert..
and it totally rocks..
it’s just FANTASTIC..
the stadium filled with voices..
and…everyone sang along..
it’s just really really good..
it’s pretty DAMN good alright..
although at the beginning there was some technical errors…
but…the entire concert was still damn good…
i seriously love it..
and…i so wanna go for another one…if there’s any chance..

recently..i’ve been thinking quite a bit..
about life and such…
events of the past..
and tried to imagine my future..
one thing about the past….as long as u leave it all behind u and move ahead, all hell would not break lose..
one thing about the future….as long as u work hard towards it, possibility of u having what u want might be higher..
when i think about the past…events that changed my life..
i looked back..and realised…how immature i was back then..
i don’t mean i’m mature now…but maybe i’ve grown up..and i’m not as childish as before..
and i realised that…i believe in FATE at times..
i’ve learned that when there’s fate…anything can happen..
but when there’s no fate…don’t try to push it…cos u’ll end up getting nothing in return..
i tried to imagine my future..
and with my current life…
i don’t know…some part of me just can’t wait to get out of here..
just want to leave this place…go somewhere new..
i want to leave all these misery here…all these problems that circulate around my head…for no apparent reason..
and…some part of me just want to start fresh somewhere new…i just don’t wanna be around all THIS..
i give myself A LOT of reasons why i can’t wait to leave this place..
i don’t know…maybe…i feel like..i don’t fit in here…
and the other part of me is afraid..
afraid to be in somewhere totally different..
but…there are more reasons for me to leave then to stay…
i wanna be free…i don’t want these problems to keep popping up randomly around me..
i would do anything..
just for a few days…to escape and maybe just go to a place..
paradise…whatever…just not here