i just came back from hainan..
it’s a big place with great scenery..
nice beach…i love the beach there..but there was a lot of people..
i went to this place in hainan called 天涯海角 (tian ya hai jiao)
there was a beautiful beach there..and we went to look for rocks after rocks..until we found the 天涯海角 rocks…
i’ve search till the borders of the sky and the corners of the sea..
how come i still can’t find you?
anyway…it’s a nice place to go to..and with great food..
which makes me fat..=.=
but..places like that..the beach and everything..hmmm..
kinda missing out something…no no no missing out someone..
seriously…a place like that…with the beach and the rocks and everything..
it’s rather romantic if u go together with someone u love..
oh well…wad the hack..
anyway..i went to another place…with a very big guanyin
i forgot what that place is called…haha..
but ya…when we were there..we visited many temples..
at the very big guanyin…i prayed..
i prayed for u to be well protected and blessed..
and well..that’s almost all..
that’s the summary of the 5 long days..
and…i shall end here…
after today..is gonna be a study study study study holiday…
and a exercise and lose all that fat holiday…