Happy New Year!!!
2009 has just begun…
and it’s gonna be a brand new year, with a proper start, well not really proper start..
in fact it was a rather crazy start..haha..
the countdown party was GREAT..
we were at thumper..and we had lots of fun..
the whole idea of clubbing is to drink, dance and have lots of fun
it was the same clubbing group…smaller though…n it was really fun
augustine treat some of us to shots..
n it’s called 151…which burns the living crap out of my throat..
but that shot gave me adrenaline rush…
n then it was back to the dance floor…haha
we left the place at 4am+++ ๐Ÿ™‚
My new year’s resolution is…
i have quite a long list though…
where should i start…
1. Remain a healthy lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚ (exercise and eat properly)
2. Study hard for my A levels
3. Be a good girl when I go overseas to study
4. Party when it’s time to party
5. Study when it’s time to study
there’s a lot more though…..
but i shld end here now…so bored of typing…