Has anyone told you that you should seriously watch what you say?
or you didn’t wanna heed the advice?
I…I think I’ve mastered the art of being tolerant..
I don’t wanna go up to you and tell you off..
in fact..I feel that it’s a complete waste of my time if I try to do that..
maybe you feel good about going around, telling people stories…
stories that are false..
I don’t know what I did to maybe offend you in one way or another..
or wait…maybe I didn’t do anything..maybe it’s just because you’re jealous of me…
if you wanna say something..come say it right in my face..
don’t be a nice person..
cause I’m afraid when you’re nice..
because I know that you’re only showing me your nice side..
but after that you stab me at the back..
it’s been long since I gone through this..
and you know what..I don’t deserve it…
I believe that people change…but for you, you never will..
you’ll always be that same old person…always…
it hurts me inside…it hurts me a lot..
just by hearing…i get all worked up..no doubt..
but I won’t confront you…
cause it’s only gonna make things ugly..
I can do without you…I don’t need all your made up stories and all the kind of bullshit..
after this experience…I finally got everything sorted out…all the kind of ‘nice’ stories you told me..
totally doubt them now…
you made me feel bad about myself..
you made me question myself..
but…after all these…I question myself about you..
and everything about you…
but hey…there won’t be a next time…