school started…and i’m down with a cold and sore throat..and a busted ankle..
and my first A level exam is this friday…
anyway…now that school has started…it’s gonna be real busy until after chinese new year..
but anyway…this would give me a great opportunity to start my healthy lifestyle.. least till chinese new year..hehe
my main aim now is to get this 6 months over and done with..
i know it will pass by real quickly..
but..i wanna work hard and get through it smoothly..
after this 6 months…maybe a new life awaits me..i dunno..
but i just wanna finish this 6 months peacefully..
now that everything is coming fast on me..
i’m prepared to take this battle…
work really hard for 6 months..and…after that…maybe i’ll get a bit of freedom..haha
Go Marina Go! šŸ™‚
you can do it!