certain things…u have to keep it to yourself..
no matter how much u want to say it out..
u can’t…
even though..deep down inside you are suffering…feeling the pain and agony..
u still have to go through every part of it..
u have to consider the fact of wad will people say and think..
but…it just keeps going on..
it’s difficult…very difficult..
but u have to be cool about it…
but how?
i’m human…i have emotions..
but i have to hide some of it…
why? why make it so difficult?
even when i’m on the verge of screaming..i can’t..
i have to scream inside…n keep it all inside..
i’ll smile and go through it..
but at the back of my mind…i start to wonder..
why do u all make it so hard for me?
even though it kills me to have to go through every second of it…
i have to…i don’t have a choice..
i feel miserable…when it comes to the same topic..
but no one understands….
who will?
i can’t say anything…i can’t do anything..
sometimes..i’m tired…
tired of all these…
i can only cry inside as i try to go along with all the smiles and laughter…
i feel defenseless..helpless..
and there’s nothing i can do..
all i can do is to keep cool about it…
it’s hidden..