I’m sitting in the dinning area, thinking of what to write for my English journal, I’ve been brainstorming (and eating) about the points to write, but I haven’t come out with anything. I will come out with something before the deadline though. Well, no matter what I have to, haha. So recently, life has started to get busier as the days goes by. Tomorrow is Labor Day here, it’s an off day, NO SCHOOL!!! Haha. Well, instead of being all useless by sitting here and pretend to know something when I don’t. I’m gonna start reading my history book and see how it goes. Gosh, Western Civilization. Whatever that means, the book is really thick. I try to wait for the ‘feeling’ to come, like what my psych teacher once told me, however, it never arrives, so I’ve got to push my sorry butt to READ. Sometimes, when everyone is asleep here, I start to feel the sense of loneliness, there used to be my mom around, and I’ll go to her to try and find inspiration in writing (more like brag about how life sucks), but, she’s so far away, I can’t do that now. Oh well, I’m bragging, stupid dog is barking, and I’ve got to get back to my work.