I’ve been trying to be an assiduous student. I’ve been studying a lot, due to the never ending assignments. Yup, I’ve been REALLY busy. I’m trying to take a break away from all the school work. Well, mid terms are just around the corner, gotta start working my a** off like crazy, don’t wanna fail anything. It’s not school work that bothers me sometimes. There are certain things in life which makes things difficult. Everyday, a new story begins, we don’t know what will happen. Apparently, being far away from home can be difficult, but, as time goes by, I’ve started getting used to it. However, it is a torture sometimes, to think that, I have to go through all these, face all these unnecessary treatment. Like I said, it’s not school that bothers me, there are just many other things. So, what’s next? Like a robot, I’m moving, I’m doing things, I can’t feel, I can’t express out my anger, I can’t have emotions. Sometimes, who can I tell? Who is gonna be the one who is gonna tell me, hold me, feel me and understand me. Know what I am going through. Sometimes, it’s not homesickness, neither is it school work, there are just some things, I have to keep to myself. That’s part of being away, that’s the result of being alone. So, what’s next?