Life here has been really busy recently, plenty of assignments, plenty of deadlines, mid-terms are just around the corner. The weather here is changing, it is getting colder, but still just as dry. Sometimes, I feel left out here, I don’t know why, sometimes, I feel as though I don’t fit in or something like that. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I counting down to the day when I can finally go back to Singapore, it’s like 2 more months, but time flies fast, so maybe before I know it, I’m back home already. Halloween is the next BIG thing on my list, I wonder what’s gonna happen during Halloween. Parties? Maybe… Hmmm… Dress ups? I think I’m gonna do that, maybe dress up as… I don’t know… Any suggestions? I was thinking about greek. Well, my birthday is an event I don’t think I look forward to. It’s just gonna be sad!! Shall not think too much about it, but I know it’s gonna be sad. I can feel it already. Luckily I’ll be back for Christmas 🙂 YEAH!!! Love the thought of that! Other than that, my life is kind of stagnant, boring, whatever you name it. I keep telling myself that as time goes by, things would become better, maybe, Marina, just maybe. Here, I am here, sometimes nobody notice my presence, but I shall give myself time, lots of time, cause time is what I have. Maybe not this semester, then next semester, I’ve got many years ahead of me. All it takes is time. I know it will get better. Time flies.