Well, I had an awesome day today. I got back my history mid-terms, I got 71%, grade C-, I am pretty satisfied although it’s a just passed thing, well, at least I passed. Then, I went to Chinatown with a couple of friends for dinner and well, when we were there, all the shops were already closed, it was only 7.20pm when we arrived there. Shops closes are like 6pm, so all we could do was have dinner, then head back to the dorms after that. It was pretty fun though, driving there and then coming back, though it’s quite far and we lost our way, but we made it back here! Haha! It was just a sudden decision to go there, but it was great. After that, before I could really take a breather, I was called to go to the community centre right infront of my dorm, to play some games and stuff like that. Was there for awhile, then headed back to the dorm and hang out with some floor mates. To me, it is a pretty awesome day. Hehe.