Haha. See Sun, ie CSUN. Well, I am starting to like it here at CSUN. As the days goes by, I adapt, make new friends, know more people etc. I am liking it here. Of course I miss home every now and then, I will be going back to Singapore for winter break, everyday I count down to that. I am starting to like CSUN does not mean that I don’t like Singapore anymore. Once you’re here, you have to adapt and like the place, the people and learn to live in a brand new environment. That is all part of our lives. As the weeks and days progresses, exams, tests, homeworks and many other things, I start to become busy and make new friends and all. I realize that, as long as you don’t rush into things, everything would come to you. Just like my psych teacher told me, giving me great advice and luckily I heed his advice, I am so glad that he is such a good friend. I would not have been able to adjust well and everything if it weren’t for my friends and family. Although very far away, I really thank them for saying supportive stuff that kept me going. I can’t wait to see all of you when I go back to Singapore. It’s just 2 more months, just 2 more months. I am counting down, time flies and I know it flies really fast.