Honestly, I feel like I’ve spent my WHOLE life trying to lose weight. And when I stop for two weeks, I gained weight. YES, I’ve gained weight ever since I came here. I look at people around me, watching them eat burgers, fries, pizzas, etc. Watching in agony. Then, I don’t see them in the gym, working their butt to get rid of all that calories they swallow, but they are still good, they are still okay, well, i don’t think they gain weight. Most importantly, they are happy.

I look back and I realize, my entire life, revolve around weight gain or weight loss. I lose weight, gain it back, lose it, gain it, lose it, gain it, lose it, gain it. I go to the gym, try to control whatever I eat. But sometimes, I’m like wtf, I hate this. THIS IS NOT LIFE. Seriously, it’s not. When I get hungry, I start to think, "should I eat this, nah maybe not this, how about that, ewwww"

Trying trying trying trying trying so so sooooo hard. Really? Really? Seriously? OMG!!!!!