Well… I’m sitting on my bed and it’s 2am… I can’t fall asleep, I
dunno why. I dunno what to do, that’s why I am writing this entry, cos
I am very bored. I am actually using my iPod touch to write this
entry. Well, the iPod touch is very good, I recommend it to eveyone.
Haha. Especially if u r bored in class, this is the best thing to
have 🙂 oh well… 2am in the morning, what to do? My roommAte is not
in, she is in Washington playing basketball for the school. I wish I
could bball like her, u shld see her skills, it’s really WOW!!!!
hmmmmmmmmm… I can’t wait to go home though, in fact, I’ve already
packed my laugage, anytime man, anytime… Hahahaha my finals are
coming up, so this weekend is gonna be hell of a busy weekend for me.
Not looking forward to birthday! Haha. I guess I shld sleep now, but I
dun feel like sleeping!!!! Ok! Nitenite!!

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