My first Summer holiday. So memorable. I wonder what my friends in US have been doing for the past 3 months. Well, I’ve been going through a lot of stuff in couple of months. My 2010 Summer a summer I will never forget. It is an adventure of life changing experiences, I’ve learned a lot from all these. I gained something and lost something. It’s amazing how you get to know someone better each day and what’s surprising is to see the true side of some people. How long can anyone pull that fake smile and fake look? Not tiring? You know what, I’m tired of looking at it, I feel tired for the people having to tolerate it. There are certain things that I cannot say, all I can do is put a pillow and my face and start screaming. Minimizing the sound as much as possible, so no one hears me. Anyways, my summer holiday has been a roller coaster ride. There are the ups and downs and most importantly, it is those memories that I’ll always have. Those precious memories that I’ll always treasure. Whether or not there will be a continuation of these memories, I don’t know. I can’t tell the future, I can only live in the present, I can’t go back to the past either. All I can do is look forward to each day passing by, till the day I see you again. I don’t mind waiting, I’m willing to put all I’ve got into this. The rest is gonna be up to you.